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Leaderseat features in-depth interviews with leaders, and entrepreneurs from a wide range of fields such as business, technology, healthcare and the arts. Showcasing the stories of the people who are driving progress and making a difference in our world.

Leaderseat was founded by Nima Ataei who was born in Iran and immigrated to the United States at the age of 9, where he ended up receiving his master’s and Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Nima has always been a creative person, picking up the violin at the age of 13 and transitioning into composing music at the age of 18. His passion for leadership and innovation sparked while in Pharmacy School which led him to create multiple successful podcasts and speak on the topic of professional development and leadership at universities around the world. With his background and experience as a leader and entrepreneur, Nima brings a unique perspective to the podcast.

This platform is designed to inspire and educate its audience by sharing the stories of successful leaders and providing valuable insights into what they have learned. This makes it an ideal resource for those looking to advance their career, start a business, or simply gain more knowledge.

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