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“Leader Seat Is One Of The Most Interesting And Informative Of All The Podcasts That I Have Been Able To Participate In. Nima Makes It Conversational And Has A Great Style.”

James W. Keyes

Former CEO of Blockbuster & 7-11

“Very fun conversation, doing a deep dive into the emotions that went into building this company. Usually when I give podcasts we don’t get into those kind of details so it was really fun and reflective going back on those experiences.”

Aadeel Akhtar, Phd, MS

Founder & CEO of Psyonic

“Great host and moderator! Super thoughtful and enticing questions—Questions I’ve never been asked before!”

Maika Isogawa

Founder & CEO of Webacy

“Most leadership platforms are pretty generic and don’t go into enough detail so I really appreciate the in-depth questions. Definitely a staple in my education library moving forward.”

Chris Ruden

motivational speaker

“Amazing thought provoking conversation with a clear leader, I enjoyed it very much”

Dr. joe Kvedar

harvard professor, author & digital health pioneer

“It was such a pleasure to be a guest on Leader Seat. Nima is a prepared, engaged and curious host and I could have talked with him all day. I’m fortunate to be on a lot of podcasts and this was one of my favorites this year!”

Heather Hansen, JD

Author, TV Host, CEO & Former Trial Attorney

“Being interviewed on the LeaderSeat podcast was exceptional. Nima is the most prepared host I have ever worked with. This was the best introduction on a podcast I have ever received. Nima had clearly done his homework about me.”


Executive Leadership Coach, #1 Amazon best selling author

“Your interviewing style was so comfortable to me, it was very thorough and you had done your research. One of my absolute favorite people I have been interviewed by ”

Paul Hutchinson

Executive producer of Sound of Freedom Movie

“The questions that he asks are thought out and deeply researched. I highly recommend this podcast to anybody that is looking to add to your arsenal of getting better in this life”

Jason Sisneros

Founder of Anton Jae Global & Keynote Speaker