Ep.6 w/ Roberto Monaco

Secrets of a Great Speaker

On this episode Nima Ataei is joined by Roberto Monaco. In the last ten years, Roberto has captivated audiences with his powerful message and dynamic presentations. His story will leave you both inspired and motivated to pursue your own dreams, no matter the obstacles you face. Roberto shares his incredible transformation, including his time as the number 1 revenue generator at the Anthony Robbins Companies, where he delivered high-impact motivational talks to audiences of all sizes. Today, Roberto is the co-founder of Influenceology, a company dedicated to training, coaching, and consulting with entrepreneurs and professionals to enhance their communication and presentation skills. He has worked with individuals from diverse industries, including pilots, super bowl champions, stay-at-home moms, lawyers, realtors, and New York Times Best Selling Authors. Roberto is also the author of several acclaimed programs, including “Video Marketing Content,” “How to Create a Presentation in 20 Minutes,” and “The Influencer’s Playbook.” He is a facilitator at the prestigious event called “Influencing From the Front” and a contributing writer for “The InfluenceOlogist” newsletter