Ep.8 w/ Dr. Jeff Spencer

Dr. Jeff Spencer on Working with Lance Armstrong & How Winning is a Learned Skill

On this episode Nima Ataei is joined by Dr. Jeff Spencer. Dr. Spencer is the behind-the-scenes expert who’s helped legends like Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods and U2 hit the stratosphere of success. Dr. Spencer isn’t your average coach. We’re talking about a former Olympic cyclist who snagged the “Sports Chiropractor of the Year” title in 2004. Oh, and he’s got a Tour de France winning streak that would make your jaw drop – eight times! Dr. Spencer isn’t just about cycling; he’s the go-to guru for winners in golf, tennis, racing, baseball, football, and rock music. Yeah, you heard that right – he’s the secret sauce for those chasing greatness in every field. On this episode, we’re pulling back the curtain with Dr. Spencer. We’ll be delving into the nitty-gritty of how he turns high achievers into absolute superstars. From cultivating the right mindset to crafting genius-level plans and keeping that physical expertise in check – he’s the guy with the golden key.