Ep.9 w/ James Keyes

What Happened To Blockbuster?with Former CEO James Keyes

On this episode 9 Nima Ataei is joined by James W. Keyes. Jim is a global business leader, philanthropist, and modern renaissance man, having served as the former CEO of two internationally recognized Fortune 500 companies, 7-Eleven, Inc, and Blockbuster, Inc. His diverse business interests span retail, consumer products, technology, new space, energy, and advanced nuclear, reflected in his roles on various public company boards and as a board adviser to a venture capital firm and multiple startups. Beyond the boardroom, Jim is deeply committed to philanthropy, contributing his leadership to organizations like the American Red Cross, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, UT Southwestern Medical School, The Cooper Institute, and more. His passion for education is evident in his founding role at the Dallas Education Foundation and the Education is Freedom Foundation. A true embodiment of the American Dream, Jim was inducted into the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans in 2005